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Saya Suka Membaca - Yayasan Tunas Aksara

Our vision: Children in poor communities across Indonesia learning to love reading.

Millions of children in Indonesia's schools are unable to read and write fluently. Schooling is available to them, but the door to education remains closed.

Since 2010, the Saya Suka Membaca ("I Love Reading") program has worked to improve educational opportunities for children in poor communities across Indonesia, training hundreds of teachers who have taught thousands of children to read and write.

We work with local schools and charities, helping their teachers to develop as effective teachers of reading and writing. We do this so that the children they teach don't simply learn how to read, but come to love reading.

We do this by providing three things:

  1. High-quality literacy teacher training and mentoring, so that teachers flourish as skilled and caring teachers of reading;
  2. A best-practice literacy curriculum designed for Indonesia that is effective, engaging and easy to use;
  3. Our series of levelled reading books and other supporting materials. Our books are relevant to the everyday lives of Indonesian children, and have been written to enable children to steadily develop their reading ability, and to enjoy reading with confidence and understanding.


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Office: Ruko Bukit Gading Indah Blok J/6 Lt.3, Jl Bukit Gading Raya, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta 14240, Indonesia

Indonesian Registered Charity No: 003/10.2/31.78.06/-1.848/2016

NPWP (Tax Number): 71.295.405.5-043.000

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